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CantorPart Class Reference

Main Part. More...

#include <cantor_part.h>

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void setCaption (const QString &caption)
void showHelp (const QString &help)

Public Member Functions

 CantorPart (QWidget *parentWidget, QObject *parent, const QVariantList &args)
virtual void setModified (bool modified)
virtual void setReadWrite (bool rw)
Worksheetworksheet ()
virtual ~CantorPart ()

Static Public Member Functions

static KAboutData * createAboutData ()

Protected Slots

void blockStatusBar ()
void enableTypesetting (bool enable)
void evaluateOrInterrupt ()
void exportToLatex ()
void fileSaveAs ()
void initialized ()
void pluginsChanged ()
void print ()
void publishWorksheet ()
void restartBackend ()
void runAssistant ()
void runCommand (const QString &value)
void runScript (const QString &file)
void scriptEditorClosed ()
void setStatusMessage (const QString &message)
void showBackendHelp ()
void showImportantStatusMessage (const QString &message)
void showScriptEditor (bool show)
void showSessionError (const QString &error)
void unblockStatusBar ()
void updateCaption ()
void worksheetSessionChanged ()
void worksheetStatusChanged (Cantor::Session::Status stauts)

Protected Member Functions

void adjustGuiToSession ()
void guiActivateEvent (KParts::GUIActivateEvent *event)
void loadAssistants ()
virtual bool openFile ()
virtual bool saveFile ()

Private Attributes

QString m_cachedStatusMessage
KToggleAction * m_completion
KAction * m_evaluate
KToggleAction * m_exprNumbering
KToggleAction * m_highlight
KProgressDialog * m_initProgressDlg
KAction * m_save
QPointer< ScriptEditorWidgetm_scriptEditor
KAction * m_showBackendHelp
bool m_statusBarBlocked
KToggleAction * m_typeset

Detailed Description

Main Part.

This is a "Part". It that does all the real work in a KPart application.

Alexander Rieder <alexanderrieder@gmail.com>

Definition at line 46 of file cantor_part.h.

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