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Cantor::Expression Class Reference

#include <expression.h>

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Public Types

enum  FinishingBehavior { DoNotDelete, DeleteOnFinish }
enum  Status { Computing, Done, Error, Interrupted }


void gotResult ()
void idChanged ()
void needsAdditionalInformation (const QString &question)
void statusChanged (Cantor::Expression::Status status)

Public Member Functions

virtual void addInformation (const QString &information)
void clearResult ()
QString command ()
QString errorMessage ()
virtual void evaluate ()=0
 Expression (Session *session)
FinishingBehavior finishingBehavior ()
int id ()
virtual void interrupt ()=0
Resultresult ()
void saveAdditionalData (KZip *archive)
Sessionsession ()
void setCommand (const QString &cmd)
void setErrorMessage (const QString &cmd)
void setFinishingBehavior (FinishingBehavior behavior)
void setId (int id)
Status status ()
QDomElement toXml (QDomDocument &doc)
virtual ~Expression ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual QString additionalLatexHeaders ()
void setResult (Result *result)
void setStatus (Status status)

Private Slots

void convertToPs ()
void latexRendered ()

Private Member Functions

void renderResultAsLatex ()

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

An Expression object is used, to store the information needed when running a command of a Session Evaluation of Expression is an asynchroneous process in most cases, so most of the members of this class are not useful directly after its construction. Therefore there are signals indicating, when the Expression goes through the different stages of the Running process. An Expression is never constructed directly, but by using Session::evaluateExpression()

Alexander Rieder

Definition at line 49 of file expression.h.

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