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void Expression::setResult ( Result result ) [protected]

Set the result of the Expression. this will cause gotResult() to be emited The old result will be deleted, and the Expression takes over ownership of the result object, taking care of deleting it.

resultthe new result

Definition at line 107 of file expression.cpp.

References gotResult(), result(), session(), Cantor::Result::toHtml(), and Cantor::Result::type().

Referenced by KAlgebraExpression::evaluate().

        delete d->result;


        kDebug()<<"settting result to a type "<<result->type()<<" result";
        #ifdef WITH_EPS
        //If it's text, and latex typesetting is enabled, render it
        if ( session()->isTypesettingEnabled()&&
             result->type()==TextResult::Type &&
             dynamic_cast<TextResult*>(result)->format()==TextResult::LatexFormat &&

    emit gotResult();

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