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CommandEntry Class Reference

#include <commandentry.h>

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Public Types

enum  { Type = 2 }
enum  { Type = 0 }

Public Slots

void applySelectedCompletion ()
void completeCommandTo (const QString &completion)
void expressionChangedStatus (Cantor::Expression::Status status)
void showAdditionalInformationPrompt (const QString &question)
void showCompletions ()
void showSyntaxHelp ()
void update ()
void updatePrompt ()


void bottommostValidLineReached ()
void leftmostValidPositionReached ()
void rightmostValidPositionReached ()
void topmostValidLineReached ()

Public Member Functions

bool acceptRichText ()
bool acceptsDrop (const QTextCursor &cursor)
QTextTableCell actualInformationCell ()
void addInformation ()
void checkForSanity ()
QTextCursor closestValidCursor (const QTextCursor &cursor)
QString command ()
QTextTableCell commandCell ()
 CommandEntry (QTextCursor position, Worksheet *parent)
bool contains (const QTextCursor &cursor)
QString currentLine (const QTextCursor &cursor)
bool evaluate (bool current)
bool evaluateCommand ()
Cantor::Expressionexpression ()
QTextCursor firstCursorPosition ()
int firstPosition ()
QTextCursor firstValidCursorPosition ()
int firstValidPosition ()
void interruptEvaluation ()
bool isEmpty ()
bool isInCommandCell (const QTextCursor &cursor)
bool isInCurrentInformationCell (const QTextCursor &cursor)
bool isInErrorCell (const QTextCursor &cursor)
bool isInPromptCell (const QTextCursor &cursor)
bool isInResultCell (const QTextCursor &cursor)
bool isShowingCompletionPopup ()
bool isValidCursor (const QTextCursor &cursor)
QTextCursor lastCursorPosition ()
int lastPosition ()
QTextCursor lastValidCursorPosition ()
int lastValidPosition ()
void removeContextHelp ()
void removeResult ()
QTextTableCell resultCell ()
virtual void setActive (bool active, bool moveCursor)
void setCompletion (Cantor::CompletionObject *tc)
void setContent (const QString &content)
void setContent (const QDomElement &content, const KZip &file)
void setExpression (Cantor::Expression *expr)
void setSyntaxHelp (Cantor::SyntaxHelpObject *sh)
void showCompletion ()
QTextTable * table ()
QString toPlain (QString &commandSep, QString &commentStartingSeq, QString &commentEndingSeq)
QDomElement toXml (QDomDocument &doc, KZip *archive)
int type ()
bool worksheetContextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *event, const QTextCursor &cursor)
bool worksheetKeyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event, const QTextCursor &cursor)
virtual bool worksheetMouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *event, const QTextCursor &cursor)
bool worksheetMousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event, const QTextCursor &cursor)
bool worksheetShortcutOverrideEvent (QKeyEvent *event, const QTextCursor &cursor)

Static Public Attributes

static const QString Prompt = ">>> "

Protected Attributes

QTextFrame * m_frame

Private Slots

void invalidate ()
void resultDeleted ()

Private Attributes

QTextTableCell m_commandCell
QPointer< KCompletionBox > m_completionBox
QTextTableCell m_contextHelpCell
QTextTableCell m_errorCell
QList< QTextTableCell > m_informationCells
QTextTableCell m_resultCell
QTextTable * m_table

Detailed Description

An entry in the Worksheet. it contains: 1 Row to take command from the user 0+ Rows for addition questions/answers from the backend 0/1 Row for contextual help like Tab Completion offers 1 Row for the Result

Definition at line 38 of file commandentry.h.

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