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OctaveExpression Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  FinishingBehavior { DoNotDelete, DeleteOnFinish }
enum  Status { Computing, Done, Error, Interrupted }


void gotResult ()
void idChanged ()
void needsAdditionalInformation (const QString &question)
void statusChanged (Cantor::Expression::Status status)

Public Member Functions

virtual void addInformation (const QString &information)
void clearResult ()
QString command ()
QString errorMessage ()
virtual void evaluate ()
void finalize ()
FinishingBehavior finishingBehavior ()
int id ()
virtual void interrupt ()
 OctaveExpression (Cantor::Session *session)
void parseError (QString error)
void parseOutput (QString output)
void parsePlotFile (QString file)
Resultresult ()
void saveAdditionalData (KZip *archive)
Sessionsession ()
void setCommand (const QString &cmd)
void setErrorMessage (const QString &cmd)
void setFinishingBehavior (FinishingBehavior behavior)
void setId (int id)
void setPlotPending (bool plot)
Status status ()
QDomElement toXml (QDomDocument &doc)

Protected Member Functions

virtual QString additionalLatexHeaders ()
void setResult (Result *result)
void setStatus (Status status)

Private Attributes

bool m_error
bool m_finished
int m_numberOfLines
QStringList m_plotCommands
bool m_plotPending
QString m_resultString

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file octaveexpression.h.

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