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OctaveHighlighter Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  { BlockTypeProperty = QTextFormat::UserProperty +25 }
enum  BlockType {
  UnknownBlock = 0, ErrorBlock = 1, ResultBlock = 2, CommandBlock = 3,
  NoHighlightBlock = 4

Public Slots

void receiveFunctions ()
void receiveVariables ()
void updateFunctions ()
void updateVariables ()

Public Member Functions

 OctaveHighlighter (QTextEdit *parent, Cantor::Session *session)

Protected Member Functions

template<class Container >
void addFunctions (const Container &functions)
template<class Container >
void addKeywords (const Container &keywords)
void addPair (const QChar &openSymbol, const QChar &closeSymbol)
void addRule (const QRegExp &regexp, const QTextCharFormat &format)
void addRule (const QString &word, const QTextCharFormat &format)
template<class Container >
void addRules (const Container &conditions, const QTextCharFormat &format)
template<class Container >
void addVariables (const Container &variables)
QTextCharFormat commentFormat () const
BlockType currentBlockType ()
QTextCharFormat errorFormat () const
QTextCharFormat functionFormat () const
virtual void highlightBlock (const QString &text)
void highlightPairs (const QString &text)
void highlightRegExps (const QString &text)
void highlightWords (const QString &text)
QTextCharFormat keywordFormat () const
QTextCharFormat matchingPairFormat () const
QTextCharFormat numberFormat () const
QTextCharFormat objectFormat () const
QTextCharFormat operatorFormat () const
void removeRule (const QRegExp &regexp)
void removeRule (const QString &word)
template<class Container >
void removeRules (const Container &conditions)
bool skipHighlighting (const QString &text)
QTextCharFormat stringFormat () const
QTextCharFormat variableFormat () const

Private Attributes

bool m_functionsReceived
QStringList m_keywords
QStringList m_operators
QStringList m_variables
bool m_variablesReceived

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file octavehighlighter.h.

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